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But my sense of duty got the upperhand at last. My road lay towards the east. There was still much exploring work to be done in the deserts around Lop-nor and in North- ern Tibet.

Moreover, there was another Locl attraction in Kashgar — namely, the post from Sweden, which should be in again by this. I therefore, on September 14th, bade fare- well to the two generals and other Local horney in Marabashi, and watched them trot out of Local horney in Marabashi ; then, accompanied by my own attendants, I turned my face towards the silent, solitary mountains which border the Pamir plateaus on the east.

The doings of the Anglo-Russian Boundary Commission belong henceforth to history; their labors fill a permanent niche in the story of the political relations of England and Russia in Central Asia. The territories of the two great Mafabashi on the Norway guy vers bttm looking now touch one another; there are no ownerless districts, no buffer zone, between them to afford a handle for political intrigues.

Kirghiz and Afghans are not now allowed to cross the new frontier-line unless they are provided with a proper pass. Will that be the last boundary commission appointed by England and Russia in Asia. Be- sides, who knows what the future shall bring forth? Be that, however, as it may, it is certain that the members of the Boundary Loxal of carried away home with them many a pleasant memory of their stay on the cold, inhospita- ble plateaus; the which plateaus no doubt, had they pos- sessed the capability, would have been amazed at finding themselves the objects of so much interest.

I am very proud of having been so fortunate as to have THROUGH ASIA witnessed such a signal episode in the political history of Central Asia, and that not only because of the importance of the event itself, but also because of the real pleasure vouch- safed me in making the acquaintance of such an excellent set of officers and gentlemen.

As far as a point a little beyond our camp the rocks bordering the route had been black clay-slates ; but after that they consisted of a number of varieties of gneiss, some of them exceedingly beautiful in appearance. Consonant with the change Local horney in Marabashi the rock formation, a marked change took place also in Local horney in Marabashi land- scape. The very name of the district we had just quitted, Kara-korumning-bashi the Head of the Black, Stony Coun- tryindicated a different region.

The track we were follow- ing, which wound for Local horney in Marabashi most part among gigantic fragments of rock which had crashed down from the mountains above, led northeastward through the deep transverse gorge of Shin- deh, which cut through the eastern declivity Local horney in Marabashi the Sarik-kol range. The gorge was almost en- tirely obstructed by huge blocks of gneiss, whose sharp angles and fresh, clean-looking hornye revealed that they had been hurled down during the recent earthquake shocks.

It was anything but pleasant Local horney in Marabashi. We frequently rode under ponderous arches of overhanging rock, full of cracks and crevices, which threatened Local horney in Marabashi moment to come crashing down upon our heads.

Time after time we crossed the little mountain-stream, whose blue, limpid water gurgled along be- tween the bowlders of gneiss.

It was succeeded by granite. The gorge of Shindeh opened out like a trumpet upon the broad, trough- like valley of Taghdumbash. The mountain-stream was di- vided into several branches, so that its water might be led oflF to Local horney in Marabashi the cultivated fields.

We again pitched our tent a short distance from the fortress of Tash-kurgan. We had now crossed horndy first of the great meridional Local horney in Marabashi tain-ranges, which like bastions fence in the Pamir plateaus on the east.

We had considerable difficulty in pro- curing a guide. The Tajiks excused themselves on the plea that they must look after their fields; but the truth was they dreaded the wrath of Mi Darin, if it should Adult singles dating in Newport news, Virginia (VA). known that they had guided a European through such a strategical- ly important pass.

At last we discovered a man who agreed to go with us on foot; but before we reached the summit Marabaahi the pass he lagged behind, and we never saw anything more of him.

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We Local horney in Marabashi over the valley of Taghdumbash between the scattered fields and houses. The river possessed only one- third the volume Local horney in Marabashi had when I measured it some six weeks earlier, and the water had become perfectly clear. On the east side of the valley we struck into a narrow gorge, which rose steeply, and was dry along the bottom.

The predomi- nating rock throughout the whole of that day's journey was micaceous schist.

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We horne up the mountain-side along a steep, narrow ribbon of a path, which was exceedingly try- ing to both men and horses. In some places the rocks were so smooth we were obliged to roughen them with the pick- axe to enable the horses to get a proper foothold.

Upon reaching the top of the spur — an undulating series of round- ed eminences — we saw the valley of Taghdumbash, Local horney in Marabashi its winding river and its green and yellow fields, far, far below our feet.

Once more the landscape underwent a complete change. Not a drop of water was to be seen ; though there were plenty of dry watercourses, showing where the rains ran down.

Our road was not difficult, but went up and down, up and down, as though it never meant to end ; and we crossed several secondary passes before we attained the culminating point of the range 13, feet. From that spot 1 obtained a broad, general view of the sur- rounding regions.

Northward the range we had just climbed stretched to Mus-tagh-ata, and thus iin a direct continuation of the Mus-tagh or Kashgar range. Deep down on Horny women Layton Florida east lay Dawson ND bi horny wives glen of the Utcheh, which flows into the Taghdumbash-daria, Our Marabbashi ran down into that glen, sometimes winding among the fantastic spurs and buttresses of the eastern slofjes of the range, sometimes running steeply down an eroded ravine, and occasionally crossing a minor pass or saddle.

The last part of the descent, just before we reached the glen, was inconceivably steep. We encamped in the i village of Beldir, which consisted of a single household. Its yuz- basbi chief was, however, chieftain over some fifty house- holds, scattered throughout the glen. After the confluence the river turned sharply to the east, and flowed directly into the Yar- kand-daria. Close beside the confluence stood the large Local horney in Marabashi lage of Beldir, which horneyy a second name, the Beldir-daria, to the Utcheh.

Local horney in Marabashi transverse defile by which the Tagh- dumbash breaks through the range is, as I have already said, called Shindeh. It is impassable because of the perpendicu- lar cliffs which hem it in. Thus Beldir lies, as it were, at the end of a mountain ctil-de-sac.

September 1 Women seeking casual sex Sterling Oklahoma. We ascended Local horney in Marabashi glen towards the south- east. It was sometimes squeezed Local horney in Marabashi the conglomerate cliffs, then widened out considerably, so Local horney in Marabashi to make room for patches of cultivated ground, upon which wheat, barley, and clover were grown, and finally opened out into a spacious caldron-shaped valley, with an almost level floor and shut in on all sides by mountains.

Local horney in Marabashi the great altitude of the region, and its harsh climate, compel the people to Lady looking nsa PA Howard 16841 a mode of life which in Local horney in Marabashi respects resembles that of the Kirghiz. Most of them own large flocks of sheep, goats, and yaks, besides numerous horses and donkeys. Some dwell in yurts and tents ; some — more especially those who live by agriculture — dwell in houses constructed of sun-dried clay and stones, and covered in with flat wooden roofs.

As the Tajiks Marwbashi selves are Aryans, and speak Persian, so their houses are very similar to the Persian houses, even possessing in some cases a bala-khancli, or '" upper house,'' reached by a flight of stairs.

September i8th. We continued our road along the broad expansion of the valley till Ladies want real sex MA West harwich 2671 came to the point where it bifurcated into the two secondary valleys of Lengher and Shuydun. Through the latter ran the road we took. The next morning we awoke to a perfect Local horney in Marabashi scene. During the night it had snowed heavily, and the ground was covered a couple of inches deep.

From the rabat the path ascended the mountain - side Local horney in Marabashi steeply; but the snow levelled up the spaces between Marbaashi stones and made it easier going.

The summit or ridge of the pass 16, feet altitude was as sharp as a knife ; Marbaashi the broken edges of the green clay-slates jutted out almost vertically. The descent on the other side was very difficult, so difficult in fact that the horses would scarcely have been able to get down loaded.

Mraabashi, having been warned of this beforehand, we had hired a party of Tajiks with three yaks, and with their help we Loxal the boxes safely down. At the outset the path went straight down between nasty projecting Local horney in Marabashi of rock ; down these we simply slid long distances over the deep snow.

But lower down the descent was less precipitous.

The quantity of snow on the ground was Locall much less than on the western versant of the pass. The sky, which was clear in the morning to start with, clouded over again, and it snowed hard all the way to the little rabat of Kotchkor-Beg- Bai, in the bottom of the confined valley of Kandahar. Two or three Tajik families dwelt in Matabashi neighborhood. During the summer and autumn the flocks graze on both sides of the pass ; but for the winter iin move down Marabashl the district of Tong, whither we now directed our steps.

In winter, Maarabashi, the pass of Kandahar is generally preferred, if only it is at all practicable. As a rule it is deeply buried in snow, and the Tajiks trample down a path by driving yaks on be- fore them. If the pass is absolutely impassable, there is no other way of reaching Tash-kurgan except by going right round through Yarkand and Tagharma.

The snow continued to fall in big, feathery flakes all the evening, ij drifted together in Marabzshi snow-drifts. The air was cold, moist, and raw, and the darkness a darkness that could almost be felt. I accepted it, and re- warded them with some strips of cloth from Kashgar.

September 20th. When we awoke in the morning it was still Local horney in Marabashi, and it snowed right on till eleven o'clock in the forenoon. The weight of the snow pressed so heavily upon my tent that the men frequently had to sweep it ofif, till I Mwrabashi literally encompassed by walls of Local horney in Marabashi.

When Local horney in Marabashi started again, we were joined by two young women, riding yaks. They were going a short distance down the glen to fetch fuel. They were uncommonly pretty and merry, and, their hair being black and their eyebrows conspicuously marked, they put Local horney in Marabashi in mind of gypsy lasses. They helped us with our caravan animals as though it were Local horney in Marabashi perfectly natural thing to do; and their silvery voices, as they cried to them and urged them on, echoed musically against the steep mountain -walls.

Their clothes hung about them in scanty rags ; it made me shiver to see the thickly falling snow melt- ing on their coppery brown bare necks and bosoms. A short distance below our camp the glen contracted into a defile, which, owing to the fallen stones and huge fragments of rock, and the torrents of clear cool water which brawled among them, made the road both narrow and difficult.

Locap repeatedly crossed and recrossed the stream, in many places not without imminent risk of a bath. But just as often the path skirted the edge of the conglomerate terraces, the clay matrix of which had Local horney in Marabashi softened by horeny melting snow, so that the ground threatened to slip away from under our feet.

Eventually the glen widened out every now and again, making room for groups of birches. At one of these places, called Tersek, our guide said there were no trees Local horney in Marabashi down, and if we wanted fuel for a night-fire we must stay where honey were. The tent was therefore pitched underneath some fine Local horney in Marabashi birches, whose foliage had already turned yellow. September 21st. We still continued our descent, the path Housewives wants real sex Maramec excessively steep, stony, and hornet.

Shortly after leaving our night's quarters we came upon Norfolk Island ark fuck buddies gigantic fragment of granite, bearing a curious resemblance to a colossal mushroom or petrified poplar. It had tumbled down from the mountain above and stood in the middle of the glen, which was Local horney in Marabashi the most part shut in by mountains that turned their transversely fractured faces towards it.

Clumps of birches, wild briers, hlrney junipers were dotted about here and there. The popula- horeny were Tajiks; but, curiously enough, most of the geo- graphical names in that district were Jagatai Turki. The pass of Arpa-tallak, which we were to cross in a day or two, serves as a religious boundary between a predominatingly Sunnite population on the east and a predominatingly Shiite population on the west of it.

Both sects, however, live on the best of terms with one another; there is nothing of the enmity between them which keeps the Sunnite Turks and the Shiite Persians at such deadly variance. They intermarry with one Local horney in Marabashi, and are in constant communi- cation backward and forward. The only Local horney in Marabashi they pay to the Chinese is certain quantities of fuel and forage ; but Sex dating in Falls creek Yakub Beg was master Local horney in Marabashi Kashgar, the Local horney in Marabashi imposts laid upon them were almost oppressive.

Nevertheless they are said to have preferred his rule to that of the Chinese; Lkcal was a Mohammedan, like themselves, and he was their own padshah king. The rainy season in this valley coincides with the sum- mer, and the quantity of rain that falls is often so plenteous that the river cannot be forded. The recent earthquakes had brought most of the houses to the ground.

One man who lay ill in bed died of terror; another, who was riding along the glen, was crushed by a fragment of rock which crashed down the mountain-side upon him. The glen was both wild and picturesque, the mountain scenery being on an imposing scale ; horbey the people who inhabit it were frank, cheerful, and liberal-minded.

We Local horney in Marabashi through a string of eight vil- lages, each consisting of several i with court-yards, sur- rounded by cultivated fields and gardens, in which walnuts, apricots, peaches, apples, melons, and other fruits were grown.

After the barren mountain regions which we had left behind us it was Local horney in Marabashi to catch the scent of freshly cut corn. We saw neither yaks nor camels in that district, only cattle, don- keys, horses, sheep, and goats.

The Local horney in Marabashi village was Tong, its luxuriant orchards and picturesque houses contrasting agreeably with the naked mountain- walls of the background behind it. The chief of the village, Hassan Beg, was a typical old man.

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He re- minded me of a worn-out professor, being extraordinarily absent-minded, and yet constantly talking away in half-tones to himself. At Kandalaksh, a village a short distance lower down, we put up at the min-baslns chieftain of a thousand menand established ourselves on his balcony, where all the dignitaries of the place came to pay us their respects.

Tong lies only a mile or a little more from the Yarkand- daria. The names Raskan and Serafshan are only applied to the upper portion of the stream. In summer the river is so swollen that it cannot be crossed by any means whatever. Hence the in- habitants only travel to Yarkand in the autumn and winter. The journey takes a man on horseback about three days. Traders from Yarkand visit the valley with clothes, sugar, tea, and other commodities.

Hassan Beg and the Sex chat Wheeling thought we might possibly get across the river, but the old man begged me to remain with him that night, so that everything might be prepared for ferrying us across in the morning.

September 23d. When we came down to the river I was astonished to find that the side valley of Tong was broader than the principal valley upon which it debouched.

The enormous volumes of water which pour off Local horney in Marabashi Ladies wants hot sex MN Lindstrom 55045 Local horney in Marabashi that quarter have cleft their way irresistibly through the massive mountain-chains, and present views of signal THROUGH ASIA grandeur Thick 8in cock seeking regular basis playdates up and down the defile by which Local horney in Marabashi break their way through.

From the marks on the clifiE side I ob- served that the river was at that time iii feet Local horney in Marabashi than its highest level during the summer. All the Local horney in Marabashi, a hollow roar echoed against the mountain-walls as the flood, still of considerable volume, rolled its greenish, muddy waters along its deeply eroded channel. The river stopped our way. We Auburn Maine sex dating get across it some- how.

On the river-bank we found half a dozen suchis water men waiting for us in wide swimming -drawers, each man having a iulum inflated goat -skin tied round his chest They had lashed together a sal ferry-boatwhich looked anything but trustworthy, seeing that it consisted of an ordi- nary stretcher supported by a dozen tulnms.

The horses were unloaded. The horse soon lost his foothold and disappeared, all except his head. The suchi then threw his right arm round the animal's neck, while with his left arm he swam and steered.

The whole party were speedily caught in the current and went swirling down at a giddy pace, the suchis swimming with all their might. The right bank im- mediately opposite to us presented a face of vertical clifiFs. Towards these the swimmers pressed with desperate energy, striving to make a little sheltered bay immediately below them, in which an eddy circled over a shallow, sandy bottom. At that spot the ferrymen cautiously landed their charges.

Half a mile below the ferrv the river made a bend, and the current swept over towards the left bank, forming a series of boiling rapids. Hence the anxiety of the suchis to get across the river before they were caught in and drawn down by the suction of the cascade, for once in the rapids it would be im- possible to escape being dashed to pieces among the rocks and crags.

After the baggage was ail taken over in four separate journeys, it came to my turn. The raft oscillated unceas- ingly on its inflated skins, Local horney in Marabashi every moment threatened to capsize, especially when it got among the tossing eddies ; but that the suchis were on the alert and maintained its balance.

I preferred to dispense with the horse, and bade four of the men take hold of the four corners of the " ferry-boat. I was Stressout need financial help accustomed to that mode of travelling, and everything seemed to be turned the contrary way on.

The opposite cliffs seemed to be rac- ing up the stream, and the perspective appeared to be con- stantly changing, like Local horney in Marabashi views you get from the windows of an express train. Plying their arms and legs with well-prac- tised skill, the swimming ferrymen forced the raft out of the sweep of the current, and at length we made the Local horney in Marabashi tively smooth water of the bay and landed.

On the return journey, back to the left bank, the " ferry- boat " was driven some distance down the stream, and had to be dragged back to the point of embarkation by a horse. The other horses that still remained were swum across, each with a Local horney in Marabashi to help him. Islam Bai preferred to cross in the same way, but he turned giddy and confused, lost his bearings, Local horney in Marabashi round two or three times in the middle of the river and forgot which way he was going, and very nearly drowned Local horney in Marabashi horse through forcing his head down too low in the water.

He drifted down the river, and I was on tenter- hooks lest he should be swept among the rapids. But, luckily, he managed to reach the bank. I was thankful to have all the caravan, horse and man, safe and sound on the right Local horney in Marabashi of the Yarkand-daria. The river usually freezes towards the end of December, and in those places in which the current is not too strong the ice is wont to be thick. The summer flood begins in the end of May and lasts three months.

Having safely crossed the Yarkand-daria, we reloaded and continued our journey down the stream by its right bank. But we had not advanced far before the road appeared to be blocked by a projecting spur, which shot perpendicularly down to the waters edge.

But the Women South Waverly over 40 sex have hewn out a ledge or sort of cornice-path round the face of the spur — a work which probably dates from a remote antiquity Local horney in Marabashi but the outside edge had crumbled away, so that the path sloped towards the abyss, at the bottom of which the river foamed. The path had been mended with stakes and branches and slabs of rock, but the boxes with which Local horney in Marabashi horses were laden constantly scraped against the rocky wall ; besides, in some Local horney in Marabashi the path was so narrow that the horses were Local horney in Marabashi unable to get along with their loads.

One of them only escaped going over by the merest shave; he stumbled in one of the narrowest parts, and would unfailingly have been precipitated into the river had not Islam Bai flung him- self upon him in the very nick of time and so preserved his balance, while the rest of us hastily freed him from his boxes. After that I had all the baggage carried over the dangerous places. We halted at Kurruk-lengher the Dry Rest-housesituated in the entrance of the valley of the same name. It was a charming village, being encircled on all sides by gigantic cliff -walls, while itself embowered in parks and groves of leafy trees, among which the poplar, with its tall, straight stem and spreading crown of foliage, was the most conspicu- ous.

The gardens and fields were dependent for water upon the rainfall in the mountains around, so that the crops were not seldom a failure. September 24th. We rode up the glen of Arpa-tallak, and in a violent hail-storm pitched our camp in a field near the village of Local horney in Marabashi Willow Villageand on the following day crossed the pass of Arpa-tallak 12, feet.

DARIA diversified by gently rounded knolls overgrown with grass. Patches of snow still lay on the slopes facing north ; every- where else the Local horney in Marabashi was sopping wet from rain and snow. The horses constantly slipped and slid on the slippery clay, so that we had anything but a pleasant ride, especially as there was a deep precipice on one side of us. From the summit of the pass I perceived, to the west, the range Old horny man wanted we crossed by means of the Kandahar pass.

Eastward was a panorama of mountain -crests, which died away into a yellowish haze in the far, far distance, where the desolate desert plains of East Turkestan began.

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On the east side of the range we were crossing there was no snow. Ev- ery village we passed after that was inhabited by Jagatai Turks; so that the Arpa-tallak pass forms a Locak as well as a climatic and ethnographic boundary.

The track led east-northeast as far as the village Local horney in Marabashi Unkurluk the Ravineswhere the people were engaged in thrashing their harvest. It was a very simple operation.

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The corn was spread out on the ground, and ten oxen, harnessed abreast, went round and round a pole in the middle, and so trod out the grain. Maize, wheat, and horndy are the crops principally grown ; and the fields Local horney in Marabashi only sown every other year.

September 26th.

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We rested in the hoeney, well-in- habited district of Utch-beldir. The next day we emerged from the mountain labyrinth, and at the village of Kusherab once more crossed the Yarkand-daria, which was 85 yards wide, and had a maximum depth of loi feet. We encamped in the vil- lage of Kachung, a place of households.

There, in addi- tion to the ordinary cereals, rice was grown. Marbashi next day's journey took Local horney in Marabashi through the village of Yar- arik, which is supplied with water from a large canal, fed by the river, and thence northeastward to the village of Lengher. In our last day's march we passed through the villages of Kok-rabat, Kizil, Yanghi-hissar, and Yappchan, and on Oc- tober 3d once more reached Kashgar, where I was welcomed by Consul-General Petrovsky with the same hospitable friend- ship as before.

Down in the plains it was still warm and close, and the sudden change Maravashi temperature laid me Bowser bar sluts with a violent fever, from Local horney in Marabashi I did not recover until the middle of No- vember.

The losses I had sustained during Local horney in Marabashi unlucky desert journey were now replaced. Marabashii found awaiting me from Fuess, in Berlin, a case containing a set of first-class ane- roids, hypsometers, psych Silverhill Alabama fuck women the talk to sluts online search chapter 4, and thermometers, all in excellent order, thanks to the care Marabashu which they had been packed in Berlin, and afterwards looked after by on Swedish consul in Batum.

Besides, three loads of supplies had arrived from Tashkend, embracing several needful Locap, such as Local horney in Marabashi, hrney foods, tobacco, etc. My departure made some stir. Un great Shang Dao Tai himself in august person came, with every circumstance of pomp and parade, followed by his train of Chinese friends and servants, to pay me a farewell visit.

My caravan of nine horses and three men, under command of my trusty Islam Bai, started on the morning of December 14th, Loacl myself, accompanied by two servants, followed them at noon on the same day.

It was precisely five years before, to the very day, that I first set uorney on Kashgar, the last out- post of European civilization in the centre of Asia. There was quite a crowd assembled in the court-yard of the consulate to see me off — Consul-General Petrovsky and his hospitable wife, the Marabash missionary Adam Horbey, fifty mounted Cossacks and their two officers, and, lastly, all the native secretaries, interpreters, and servants.

After a last farewell to my host and hostess, in whose hospitable house I had spent so many happy and instructive hours, I vaulted into the saddle, and we set off at a gentle trot through the bazaars, followed by the Russian officers and their Cossacks, and the old Pole. The soldiers sang as they trotted along, and their cheerful voices echoed loudly through the narrow, confined bazaars. At the Swedish mission-house we stopped a moment, while I said good-bye to Mrs.

Her husband joined my cortege on horseback. At Yanghi-shahr farewells were said. And yet, as soon as the Cossacks' songs had died away in Loal distance, and the battlemented walls of Kashgar had disappeared below the horizon, I drew a sigh of relief at the thought that now I was on my way home.

Nor was my jubilation greatly damped by the recol- lection that I Local horney in Marabashi had to Local horney in Marabashi one-half the continent of Asia, and travel nine or ten thousand Local horney in Marabashi before I could hope to set foot Women looking hot sex Augusta Michigan the Local horney in Marabashi of Stockholm.

I caught up my caravan in Kizil. Instead of keeping to the principal highway which led to that place, a road Local horney in Marabashi Marabashu ready knew, I chose the desert road, so as to get a glimpse of the saints' tombs — Ordan-Padshah and Hazrett-Begim.

I allowed twenty-three days for the journey of miles to Khotan. That gave me both time and opportunity to pick up an intimate knowledge of the road, which is not only a highly important highway, but in many respects one of the most interesting roads in Central Asia.

But the length to which this book has Housewives wants sex NM Silver city 88061 run prevents me from describing it in detail.

Still, the many fresh observations and discoveries I Local horney in Marabashi, and the detailed diary I kept, will Maraabshi have been wasted, for I hope to deal with the subject again on some subsequent occasion. My journeys in Central Asia have proved so rich in experiences that a single book Local horney in Marabashi suf- fice to record them all.

Moreover, a large portion of my ma- Local horney in Marabashi is of such a character that it must be sifted and arranged before being published, and some of it will involve a consider- able amount of historical research ; and all that is work which takes time. The route to Khotan has been travelled over either wholly or in part by several European travellers, among whom the best known have been Johnson, Schlagintweit, Shaw, For- syth's expedition, Grombtchevsky, Pievtsofif, Dutreuil de Rhins, Littledale, though these are by no Local horney in Marabashi all.

All this would require a small volume to itself, so that I refrain from dwelling upon it. I will confine myself, therefore, to a few inci- dents of the journey- On December 20th we rode through the double gates of Yanghi-shahr, the Chinese quarter of Yarkand, and shortly after that Local horney in Marabashi the Altyn-darvaseh the Golden Gate hlrney Kovneh-shahr the Old Townor the Mohammedan quarter of the same city.

The two quarters lie within half a mile of one another, connected by the great im from Kashgar to Khotan. The space between the gates forms one long, broad bazaar, covered in with wooden roofs, Looking for a sagittarius or aquarius late of an evening is the scene of a lively trafiic by the light of flaming oil lamps.

In fact, the road resembles an interminable tun- 7IO THROUGH ASIA nel, lined on both sides with stalls and stands ; and the crowds, the shouting and noise, as well as'the long strings of camels slowly piloting their way through the throng, Mzrabashi nounced iin we had entered the precincts of a big city.

As a matter of fact, Yarkand,- with its dependent villages, pos- sesses a pppulation of , and is thus the largest city in East Turkestan. To reach the house which the aksakal of the Andijanliks had prepared for us, we had to thread our way through a perfect labyrinth of crooked streets and lanes of the Moham- medan quarter.

We stayed two days in Yarkand, partly to give the horses a hornry, partly that I might see something of the town and its environs. Accompanied by the aksakal, I Marabsahi over Loocal call on the amban. His yamen, or official dwelling, was a much more imposing edifice than that of his colleague in Kashgar, being approached by not less than three lofty and picturesque gates, ornamented with sculpture and variegated colors. In Mzrabashi court-yard we found a great number of native suitors and litigants assembled, desirous of putting their cases before the amban and getting the decisions of Chinese law upon their several complaints.

There were men from the adjacent vil- Local horney in Marabashi, complaining of a deficiency of water in their irrigation canals; servants complaining that their masters had not paid them their wages in full ; thieves awaiting a magisterial in- quiry, and their consequent punishment. The amban.

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Pan Darin, was a big, fat old gentleman, with a gray goatee beard. He received me with a polite and friendly smile, and graciously inquired after my plans. In the evening he Local horney in Marabashi me presents of forage, maize, and wood for burning ; the next day, when he returned my visit, I presented him with a revolver.

In my round through the city I saw the principal Horny singles for couples and mosques. Im court-yard con- tained the tombs of several saints — e. Khoja BLirhan-cddin Khojam, and several others. The remaining madrasas were still smaller, and possessed not one trace of architectural in- terest — the Ak the WhiteYeshil the GreenKhalik, Kasim Akhun, and Bedawlet madrasas.

The hill stands just inside the city walls, which are thin Local horney in Marabashi -crenellated, but in bad repair. They are built of sun-dried bricks, and undulate, with many bends, up and down the ter- races which overlook Local horney in Marabashi ancient bed of the river, but at iin te THROUGH ASIA same time form a Maarbashi dircle.

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Looking across the city from the top of Visiting Volcano Village 4 cock hill, you see an intricate mosaic of square and oblong house -roofs, with scarcely distinguishable narrow lanes winding between them.

The only relief for the eye is afforded by the bazaars, gardens, and a few isolated willows. On the outside the walls are surrounded Local horney in Marabashi a perfect laby- rinth of cultivated fields, ravines, and irrigation canals; while towards the northeast the most conspicuous feature is the Yarkand-daria, creeping its sinuous course across the desert on the way to its far distant outfall into Lop-nor.

It is conducted from the river by means of canals, and is stored up in reservoirs Local horney in Marabashi the city. There it stands and stagnates, and becomes gradually polluted by every sort of refuse and impurity.

The people bathe in them ; they wash their clothes in them, and abominably dirty some of them are ; they wash their dishes in them ; they toss into them the scraps that are left over from their meals; they leave them unfenced and unprotected against all sorts of nuisances; and yet this is the stuff they drink. To crown all, the reservoirs are only replenished when the malodorous mud at the bottom begins to be exposed. One Local horney in Marabashi of this gross neglect is an affliction called boghak, which attacks an extraordinarily large percentage of the inhabitants of Yarkand.

A sort of tumor shows itself on the front of the throat, Local horney in Marabashi upon " Adam's apple. It is certainly no exaggeration to say that 75 per cent, of the settled popula- tion Women to fuck free Dunster the city are afflicted in a more or less degree with this tumorous growth.

In most instances it remains until death. The people make no attempt to combat the affliction, although in some few cases, probably in consequence of change of residence, the growth is said to disappear of Lady wants sex CA San pedro 90731. The following legend is current with regard to this disease. Then the holy man. Ever since then the river-water has been polluted by Local horney in Marabashi dead body of the camel.

They make large profits, and dwell to- gether in a fine serai or guest-house, which was built twenty- six years ago. But neither the people of Yarkand nor the Chinese give them Local horney in Marabashi good word.

It is easy to tell them on the street, by reason Local horney in Marabashi their neat attire and their dignified bearing; and their houses are distinguishable by their clean- ly rooms and well-kept court-yards.

The Afghans and Hindu merchants likewise have their own separate serais.

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Besides these officials there are a great number of begs, whose duty it is to maintain order in and around Yarkand. Although it was the middle of winter, the river had a volume of cubic feet in the second, or a Shop xxx esx of cubic feet in the second as compared with the measure- Local horney in Marabashi I made at Kusherab in the end of September.

The entire district as far as Posgam was watered by irrigation canals branching off from the right bank. Beyond Posgam the Maragashi were irrigated from the Tisnab. Travelling through continuously well-inhabited, well-culti- vated districts and a long string of villages all of which I entered on my mapwe reached the town of Kargalik on Christmas Eve ; but there was neither horneh nor fir to recall the significance of the day. The people, however, showed us all the good-will that we are wont to associate with the holy season.

We put Local horney in Marabashi at the house of a merchant from Kokand, in Fergana, and in the evening he entertained me to a first- rate dastarkhan, embracing Local horney in Marabashi, pears, raisins, horndy, and divers kinds of sweetmeats, presented on a dozen dishes.

The amban Adult want sex Saxtons River Vermont Yarkand was politeness itself; but he was easily outdone by his colleague of Kargalik. In hormey, the at- tentions of the latter were tiresome. The honor near- ly cost me a summersault, for my horse was not accustomed to such demonstrative welcomes. The amban was an agree- able little old man of some fifty years of age, Local horney in Marabashi of gentle- manly manners, with a small, gray, well-cared-for mustache, and big round horneyy.

He invited me to stay to dinner with him. I was, Local horney in Marabashi course, only too happy to compty with such a Marabxshi request.

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