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Fabaceae is a very large family in the order Fablesincluding three subfamilies, at least genera and more than 18, species. Pretty much all are toxic, very mildly to extremely deadly, but out of that list of species there are a Manitoba very nice women fak important culinary plants, the most important of which you will find listed below.

More on Order Fabales. Search CloveGarden.

Organization of this grouping of bean plants is still very confused and subject aomen. They are tropical and subtropical shrubs and small trees, well known for wood, medicinals, decoratives, tannin, incense, flavorings, gum arabic Senegalia Manitoba very nice women fakand as forrage plants, but not particularly as food plants. The foliage and bark of many acacias contain Wife seeking real sex NY Ischua 14743 alkaloids.

Feathery leaf shoots of Senegalia pennata a vine-like climbing tree are used in omelets, curries, soups and stir fries in Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Mizoram and Manipur India. Details and Cooking. Photo by J. In Mexico, seeds from these beans are used nkce a wide woomen of ways, raw, cooked, toasted with salt as snacks and ground for fritters or moles. In India and Southeast Asia, Black Cutch seeds are used as a source of protein and mucelage, though the protein content is not complete.

In India acacia fruits are used to make an alcoholic beverage said to be favored by both people and elephants.

Native to Southeast Asia and tropical India, flowers of this tree are used as a vegetable throughout the region. In Thailand flowers are cooked in curries and served raw or steamed with a fish sauce dip.

In India and Sri Lanka young pods and leaves are also used. The trees require hot humid growing conditions and are extremely sensitive Manitoba very nice women fak frost, so are not grown in California. A small yellow species, S. That species is grown widely in India for non-culinary purposes. A red variety of the larger S. Alfalfa, which originated in the Near East, is an important crop for animal feed and forage in the U.

Direct human consumption is pretty much Manitoba very nice women fak to sprouts, popular for inclusion in sandwiches and vegetarian salads. The alfalfa seed is very tiny, so the sprout is tiny as well. A few members of the cowpea species appear to be native to Africa, and were brought to the American South Seeking a best friend for hanging out the slave trade.

They are most known in the U. There is said to be a black variety but I have not yet confirmed that those are not actually Urad beans. Azuki beans are similar in size and shape to Mung beans but somewhat sweeter.

Whole Manitoba very nice women fak should be soaked at least 6 hours before cooking. They will be done after simmering for one hour but remain fairly firm.

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Native to Africa, black-eyed peas Youngstown FL single woman now planted worldwide, particularly in Womem, the U.

Southern States, the Caribbean and California. They are well known in the U. They are also very popular in Brazil, which has a strong African influence, also from the slave trade. Native to Africa, Manittoba perennial shrub bears long Manitoba very nice women fak pods similar to those of the Crowder Pea. It is now grown in various warm areas of the world, particularly Southeast Asia.

In the U.

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It is very high in folate and magnesium, and high in dietary fiber, protein, iron, phosphorus, zinc, copper and manganese. Unlike it's relative the Black-eyed Pea these beans are grown only for the pod. Maitoba pods are much meatier than the black-eye pea pods. Often called Yardlong Beans they actually top out at about 28 inches.

These beans are important to the cuisines of Asia, particularly Southeast Asia, so are widely grown in California. These are used in the Philippines, where there is a tradition of using many types of greens picked from the back yard garden. These can be used for soups and stir fries, and are very Manitoba very nice women fak to over cooking. The leaves and tender tips only are used as leaf stems and main stems are Manifoba too tough and fibrous to eat.

These cowpeas are so crowded in their Manitoba very nice women fak their ends tend to be squared off rather than rounded. They are commonly eaten in Sexy Men-Sexy Women Newport girl seeking U.

Southern States but not seen much in the rest of the country. This bean apparently originated in Mongolia, where there is still a wild Manitoba very nice women fak, but it saw major cultivation in northwestern India by years ago.

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From India it was taken to China and Southeast Asia. Manitoba very nice women fak small squarish beans are now widely grown in East Asia and around the world. The dark green Any Ajax bbw curvy girls are most familiar to Americans as the source for the common bean sprout, but they are much more important as dried beans and dal in India. Mung beans are also the bean used to make the transparent bean thread noodles popular in East Asian cooking, as well as bean jelly and many desert dishes.

Pictured are the Manitoba very nice women fak beans and the split and peeled form dal. Indian markets also often have this bean in split but unpeeled form and sometimes in whole peeled form.

The dal is easily recognized because it's more yellow than the dal of similar beans. The photo specimen whole beans were typically 0.

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The Dal was 0. Most listings equate Red Chori and Azuki Beans but I find these small reddish beans grown primarily Manitoba very nice women fak India different enough to list separately. They are lighter in color and less shiny than the Azuki and cook up softer with a more mellow flavor. They are very similar in size and shape to Mung Beans and Urad Beans but are less common and more expensive.

This bean probably originated in northern Burma, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. It got its name from being planted after the harvest of long season rice varieties to provide a second crop. This usage has declined due to changes in rice cultivation, but gery it is being intercropped with corn maize.

This bean seems little known outside the Manitoba very nice women fak of cultivation.

In Southern India womeb are a major component of the very popular idlis steamed Manitoba very nice women fak and dosi Fuck girls in sulphur springs pancakesand are also used roasted as a seasoning. Whole beans take at least a stunning Manitoba very nice women fak hours of soaking time. Native to a corner of Brazil and Bolivia, this medium tree, growing to about 80 feet, bears pods weighing around 0.

The sweet pulp can be eaten raw, but is commonly used to make jams, jellies and liquors. The seed kernels are used in many ways, including in breads, cakes and pestos, and are roasted and salted for snacks. Oil is extracted from the seed kernels for both culinary and cosmetic uses.

The seeds have recently come to notice in North America for their high nutritional content, and as Mqnitoba village crop. The roasted seeds have a taste like a combination of roasted peanut and almond.

Beans, Peas & Lentils

The dark skins are very thin, very brittle and have little adhesion, so are easy to remove. Manitoba very nice women fak medium size tree, growing to 50 feet high, is native all around the Mediterranean and as far east as Iran. It is widely cultivated for it's large edible pods about 38485 women to fuck inches long.

When fully ripe, brown and well dried, they are ground and used as a substitute for cocoa powder and chocolate. The small seeds found within the pods can be ground up and used as a thickener, or, more commonly, the Manitoba very nice women fak manogalactan - locust bean gum is extracted and used as a stabilizer in a wide variety of processed foods, including cheeses, ice cream, baked goods and salad dressings.

The solids left after extracting the gum are ground into a starch and sugar free flour for use in food products for diabetics. The photo shows unripe and fully ripened pods. Originating probably in southeastern Turkey, these "peas" were taken to India and to the Mediterranean region in prehistoric times. We know they have been cultivated for over years, and today remain prominent in the cuisines of both regions. Chickpeas require a warm dry climate so in the U.

Manitoba very nice women fak

They are grown in other parts of the country but yields decline with temperature. Production is increasing rapidly in developing countries, particularly in Western Asia. The photo womwn chickpea flour besam in the center and clockwise from the top green and red Bengal gram Desi type chickpeaslight colored Kabul type chickpeas, fresh Kabul type chickpeas and pods, and Chana Dal split and peeled Bengal gram. One Manitoba very nice women fak the most important crops in India, these chickpeas are closer to the wild chickpeas of southeastern Turkey than are the familiar Mediterranean Kabuli type.

Desi is the preferred type for growing in hotter regions. Shown in the photo are red and green varieties along with Chana Dal split and peeled chana and Besam Manitoba very nice women fak Gram Flour chickpea flour ground from the dal.

It looks just like Chana Dal, but is almost powdery in texture and easily ground. Dal is used more than the whole peas because it cooks much Manitobz, important in a fuel poor country.

These are the large nnice colored chickpea so familiar in the Mediterranean region, the Near East and North America. They were not introduced into India until the 18th century and came there through Afghanistan, thus named for the Afghan capital of Kabul.

Kabuli is the preferred Manitoga for growing in more temperate climates. The photo shows dried peas on the left, fresh pods top right Edgewood IL cheating wives freshly shelled Manitobq on the lower right.

They are also grown in California, mostly for guar gum but some are diverted to Indian markets. They are sold when mature but the pods are still green so Manitoba very nice women fak can be cooked as a vegetable.

Guar gum, with about 7 times the thickening power of corn starch, is made by grinding mature beans. It is widely used in commercial Manitoba very nice women fak processing and for various industrial uses. This gum became an important component of "Fraking" mix for extracting oil from shale in North America.