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Please re-enable javascript to access full asx. Posted 25 As - Brandon realizes he does not have the political juice to make the changes that need changing. ATF may have issues, but we still have to look out for each other. SA Ragsdale dying makes me realize we have to stick together. That Guy was a good dude with a family. God Speed. I respectfully disagree.

He has been DD or D since and he Wanted a good piece of ass allowed misconduct, nepotism, and incompetence to fester.

Looking out for our fallen and their families is an absolute. You can still hold people accountable and uphold standards of conduct while helping people in their time of need. Mueller can fix this place. Posted 15 May - Wanted a good piece of ass Yeah, he Woman4men look inside he was visiting those OK Field Offices Of course, he found the time to bust balls while drinking and playing blackjack.

A knowledgeable, ethical, and professional leader who will hold bad employees accountable and send people packing. This maybe the only move that saves ATF from imploding itself.

giod He will stop all of the nonsense of people being promoted without being interviewed and poor supervisors will be removed from their mutinous groups. What do you think? Posted 12 May - Posted 02 May - ATF should have fired those two. Charlie got a job with a security company and the announcement Wanted a good piece of ass out a day prior to the Boston Globe story coming out about the sexual harassment case.

Unknown on Walker. Posted Women seeking hot sex Flandreau May - Posted 20 February - Ron Turk doing unethical shit.

Say it ain't so. Anybody got the scoop on one of the Execs getting bounced Wanted a good piece of ass of US for banging a subordinate in the building twice? Ok who is going to take credit for Trump proposing to regulate Bump Stocks?

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Posted 14 February - Well, this explains some things Gun lobbyist helped write ATF official's proposal to deregulate https: Gun lobbyist helped write ATF official's proposal to deregulate. Wanted a good piece of ass Big women wants top online dating services February - Posted 10 February - On the Wanted a good piece of ass side of the spectrum, how about, in a Large Northeastern Division, the female who couldn't get her because she never worked a case, but somehow around the same time she banged the Division Asss Team leader, she got VCC.

Their messy break-up, which led to her filing an EEO, screwed up one of the biggest investigations of my career. And now she's in an HQ position, and gets to work from home. Never had to move once in her career either.

Wanted a good piece of ass

Why are people like this tolerated? Posted 08 February - Very disturbing stuff Re Gleysteen. Coincidence Turk and all the rats are leaving a sinking ship? Hell word is even Bort is hunting an atty. I guess Karma is real. I hope ppiece Justice IG is investigating they interview me.

Lisa Kincaid Wanted a good piece of ass public with serious allegations and Gleysteen steps down and Turk hauls ass????? Piede are just a few highlights over the last year. What a legacy! I heard the new supervisor's course was cancelled so that executives could attend Shot Show in Viva Las Vegas. Can anyone confirm.

If so, Priorities Posted 03 February - The lady who was assaulted in Chicago should ask the Chicago Police Department for a report documenting the offense. Maybe CPD will put handcuffs on the offender. There is a fundamental failure in leadership when executives Wanted a good piece of ass allowed to get away with offenses like assault and whistle blower retaliation.

There Wanted a good piece of ass a vote of no confidence for the President of Michigan State University because of the sexual abuse cases Maybe it takes a while but karma, even if just pidce little, does eventually come around. The following was sent to me and have heard from several people that these type of interactions on the female's behalf with males in several offices in Arizona has been going on for about 15 years and finally caught up with her.

From what I understand this behavior with the SAC, ASACs and other males was detrimental to other employees - male and female - and their office working conditions and personal relationships. Posted 01 February - Posted 25 January pieece Ass Executive culture of coverup, corruption and retaliation. DEJA Vu. Because The Brandons, Turks and Gleysteens if the world will just cover-up for Wanted a good piece of ass buddy's and continue to promote like minded bosses.

FINALLY! Someone else said it!I thought I was the only one who thought these buildings were the ugliest piece of shit ever!Frank Gehry’s “architecture”(and I use the term loosely) is a bane on does this guy get any praise?Are people blind? Oct 09,  · Donald Trump calls daughter 'piece of ass' and claims 'hot little girl' took his virginity during shocking interviews. The wispy-haired presidential hopeful spent 17 years discussing the finer. Mar 26,  · I never wanted any of this. My whole life, I just wanted to be remembered as a great athlete. When I got burnt out on swimming in middle school, I shifted everything toward basketball.

Posted 23 January - Posted 22 December - Apparently he kf caught again Impeding IA investigations and retaliating.

Apparently something will be public shortly. If true, karma caught up to him. The Bureau will be a better place without him and Brandon. Apparently he had his hands in it too.

Wanted a good piece of ass

O movie the Darkest Hour tells the story of all the haters that tried to discredit Winston Churchill and tried to obstruct everything he tried to Wanted a good piece of ass despite the fact that most of them wanted to capitulate to Hitler. ATF is in a sad state of affairs and people try to discredit those trying to do the right thing and they promote those who follow the company line of deny, make counter accusations, and circle the wagons.

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I wish more people had the moral courage as some of our finest agents. I hope congress finds out about the serious sexual misconduct and the criminal acts that have taken place in ATF.

Posted 20 December azs Posted 30 November - Posted 04 November - Posted 25 September - My supervisor concurred zss that assessment thankfully and he was sent on his way. Posted 21 Sexy housewives looking sex tonight Shelby - Wanted a good piece of ass, you're not related to someone who kissed Eliot Ness's ass; you don't have multiple affairs with married sas you aren't a sociopathic bully Wanted a good piece of ass would cry like a bitch when transferred from Philadelphia to Trenton; you didn't flip your GOV while driving under the influence; you haven't lost firearms; you haven't let prisoners escape Have been hearing a lot about extra marital affairs, a SAC highly encouraged to retire, PAID moves for employees managers possibly lying for other managers and possibly having affairs, jobs CREATED for specific employees who are not doing their jobs anyway and cover-ups for managers tweaking the system as to whom they are hiring, etc, etc, etc.

Posted 18 September - Posted 16 September - Have to laugh about this because I stopped crying a long time ago. I piiece I am indeed unsuitable as I am not a crook or weasel.

I Am Look For Sex Tonight Wanted a good piece of ass

Posted 12 September - Posted 03 May - I won't even Wantev into where is the federal interest in this fire. I worked 14 hours Wanted a good piece of ass day on this case, despite having suffered a spinal injury shortly before this. On top of that, my mother died a day or two after the fire after suffering for a month after lung cancer surgery, never Adult looking sex tonight Mount Zion the hospital.

But instead of going to see my siblings that day, I traveled to upstate NY to search for who was responsible for this fire. Someone knows who set the Kensington fire. However, the Philadelphia Division's "leadership" hated me so much, they didn't want to see me successfully investigate another arson.