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Slavery 48, BC: Farming Communities found by Smithsonian BC: Indo-Aryan BC: Sacred texts of Zoroastrianism. Zarathustra-Zoroaster BC: Persian Empire BC: Alexander the Great BC: Abbasid Caliphate AD: Ghaznavid Empire: Mongol Khanate AD: Afghan Tribes Unite: Pearl Empire: Ahmad Shah Durrani Emir Prince: Dost Muhammed Khan Russia vs England.

Mountstuart Elphinstone vs Kabul Kingdom: Qajarid Persia Emir Abdur Rahman Khan: Sir Mortimer Durand: Emir Habibullah Khan assasinated King Amanullah Khan attacks English troops in India: Independance King Muhammad Nadir Khan assasinated King Muhammad Zahir Pakistan border disputes King Muhammad Daoud Khan assasinated in the Saur: April Revolution Nur Muhammad Turaki Wives want real sex Waldenburg USSR invades: Fields dotted with landmines.

Afghan Secret Service Operation Enduring Freedom Central Asia Gas pipeline from Turkmenistan through W.

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Most Pashtuns live near the Pakistan border. Bordered N. The country has no railroads.

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Transportation route into Afghanistan is the Khyber Pass in Pakistan. Black sites are secret prisons in Afghanistan.

People buried alive in the desert. Badakhshan [NE bordering Tajikistan] Balkh: Operation Enduring Freedom Germanic forces.

Battle of Ghazni: Governor Taj Mohammed assasinated. Capital of Afghanistan seized by the Taliban. The lack Walsenburg educational facilities is due largely to the upheaval caused by the past 2 decades of war.

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Afghanistan has 2 universities: US counternarcotic forces discover lbs of heroin in a truck. Embassy hit by a car bomb.

Police Chief: Mohammed Ayub Salangi. Kabul River] Ghor Kajaki [ British Troops ] Helmand Province [ October Deaths occured in airstrikes by Western Forces. Land of the Enlightened [Anglo-Afghan War: Abdul Wakil Khan Nuristani vs British army. Guerilla fighting. Dawlat dissolved under Taliban.

Kala Gush U. Land of the Pashtun] [ Governor Hakim Taniwal assasinated. Coalition forces.

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Land of the Pashtun] Khost City [ Al Qaeda: Base arrives after bin Laden expelled from Sudan. Until latehundreds of Arabic-speaking visitors lived with their families in upscale neighborhoods of Afghan towns like Jalalabad.

They had very little contact with Afghan neighbors. Some retreated to Pakistan Wallach. March Provincial Governor Taher Khan Sabali.

Concentration Camps List

Kandahar City-Mundigak [BC: Gandhara Kingdom: Capital of Duranni Empire. Airport bombed.

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F Pilot dropped a lb bomb on Canadian troops conducting a live fire exercise. Airport reopened.

Ahmed Wali Karzai is governor of the province. Warplanes attack Taliban militants who escaped from the city jail in Arghanadab valley near Kandahar.

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Provincial officials report 18 killed in previous 24 hrs. White Moon [Shqiperia: The Land of the Eagle].

Skanderbeg BC: Illyria BC: Rome Invades: Byzantine Empire AD: Albanian Leader Skanderbeg dies fighting the Ottoman Empire Mountain War: Independance from Turkey. Serbia wanted country.

German Prince William of Wied: Zogist salute is a flat hand over the heart with palm facing forwards. He claimed to be a successor of Skanderbeg.

Ramiz Alia: Private ownership of automobiles illegal until Sali Berisha: Investment collapse, UN relief effort Rexhep Mejdani. The Kosovska Mitrovica region was retained under German occupation because of the Trepca mines.